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May be not compatible with your phone, in case the feature is blocked by the producer (especially LG phones like to block hotspot app).

In case it is not working on your phone, please don\'t hate rate but send me an email. This gives me the chance to improve the app. Thank you very much.


Hotspot App by will help you to manage your hotspot.

*Handle your hotspot with one single click.
*Easy configuration - setting up a hotspot has never been so fast and easy.
*Activates and deactivates mobile data by itself.
*Set your hotspots name and password.
*Automatic Encryption.
It\'s free

Free version. Check out Hotspot App Pro (coming soon) for more features like:

*Client list.
*Encryption Management
*Portscanner for your clients

About compatibility:

May not work on LG or HTC EVO 3D also doesn\'t work with SCH-S720C, because function is blocked. May also not work if your android does not support Mobile Hotspot features. This won\'t kill your 3G, it will just deactivate mobile web when you shut down your hotspot. Stupid user is stupid.

Download and use it now: Hotspot App 1.0

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Release Date: 2013-03-01

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